In Business, Connectivity is Everything

Technologies connect people, devices, offices & forms communities between business and their clients.

Being connected means being able to get to the people and information you need, when you need it, wherever you may be.

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Secure Wirless Office Networks

Todays Wireless Networks are capable of supporting multiple users, carrying on multiple tasks - at speeds approaching traditional wired networks.  There is however a great range in quality and success rates between wireless vendors' products. 

CSG knows wireless - and how to plan, and execute the Secure, Fast Wireless Business Network you have always dreamed of.

Safe, Secure Guest Access

For the business or professional with a client waiting area, for the employees, guests and employee partners, the temptation may be to provide your WiFi security credentials and let them use "the company WiFi". Truly, it would be genuinely hard to find a worse idea!  

Wireless devices now often support some form of separate wireless network for guest use that isolates their network traffic from your corporate wireless network. The real problem is - they aren't always very good at it!

Don't take a chance on choosing, or deploying poorly - the possible ramifications are too severe to consider. Let the experts at CSG show you their proven solutions - and rest easy knowing your Guest can reach the internet, but not your payroll files, under any circumstances.

Office-to-Office Connections

Many companies start small and grow bigger. It's kind of the point of being in business. Sometimes this means that not all the office space can be located in contiguous space. Just because your company offices are spread out in the same complex doesn't mean you can't have all the benefits of a connected-network experience. 
Choices, Choices, Choices
Wireless backhauls (point to point) can work in some circumstances, so can traditional Ethernet wires that have longer ranges and better speeds.  From copper wire networks, to wireless, and beyond with fiber-optic based interconnection solutions,  CSG can show you options that will work for your specific situation.

CSG knows how to select and deploy todays network technology to overcome the hurdles that exist when you have separate offices that need to work together.
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Real Business Needs Real Phones

You may not have something quite as old as this 1890's 6-line telephone, but it may seem like it.  

Even a telephone like the one at the left is far beyond its prime.  From the earliest days of telephones, analog signals were king, and sound quality took a serious back seat to the convenience of having a multi line telephone.  Today, you're probably tempted to use your cell phone for work - but that's not the best idea either.  Cellular telephones have changed the world by making it possible to bother someone at virtually any time of the day or night, but don't think that using a cell phone to conduct business calls makes you look like a rising star to your callers.

 They may not tell you to your face, but you are hard to understand on a cell phone; typical cell phone calls sound worse than old time landline calls.  Do you want your callers having to deal with struggling to understand you while they are trying to decide if  they want to do business with you?  Um, no....

Today's telephone options are flexible, inexpensive, have High Definition sound quality, and cost up to two-thirds less than what traditional copper-wire phone companies charge.

With call routing, and call control options available - employee task workflows are more efficient and take less effort.  The calling party user experience is enhanced by voice menus, automatic hold time updates, and flexible voice mail options. Bring your phone system out of the 1950's and save money with CSG Phone deployments.

More Information about Internet Based Communications. 

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Stay Connected to your work with CSG Office Mobility

The State of technology today affords many options for keeping you connected to your office - from literally anywhere in the world.

Remote access to your company network changes the playing field, and lets you be anywhere you need to be, virtually, and instantly.

Don't be misled! There are many ways to share your desktop computer, control it remotely, even run applications that way. True safe and secure access via Virtual Private Networking is chosen by large corporations more than any other solution, and for good reasons.. 

CSG knows networks, and remote access  - and chances are excellent that we can make even your toughest remote access need a relaity.

Stay Connected to your Facilities with CSG Security

There are so many options for security/ surveillance cameras and recorders today, it can be hard to make an apples to apples comparison.   CSG can help you understand the differences, and what they mean in the way of effectiveness, features and benefits.

For reasons of flexability and cost, no-frills network based cameras win the feature function cost-benefit contest. CSG can make the hard choices easier, and the costs can be controlled while still providing the level of protection that your unique situation requires.

 Let CSG show you how to leverage your existing business / office network to provide Security / Surviellance today.

Our experience doesn't stop there - but this article does!

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