CSG High Speed Internet

DSL Services for Business and Home users.


The Internet:  Battleground for your Wallett

When the internet began, it was envisioned as a way for scholars and others to exchange data without the need for couriers. From these humble beginnings the internet has evolved into a vital tool for business, professional, and private users alike. As the internet becomes a “must have” in our daily lives, internet service providers take advantage by charging ever higher fees, and requiring contracts!  What ever happened to monthly service without long term commitments?  It’s alive and well at CSG! Setup and Disconnect are fast and easy – with no long term service commitments required!

What about all the equipment and Setup?

Your DSL Modem will be shipped direct to your door, and arrive preconfigured for your particular service by experienced CSG technicians.  The remaining steps for the basic setup instruction are so simple they fit on one sheet of paper! Basically, you plug it in according to the pictures, and you’re online. Professional On-Site Installation is available for an extra fee anywhere within our service area. (See service area map.)

How long does it take to get started?

On the average – your service will be active and running 5-7 days from when your order is confirmed.

Why Select CSG’s High Speed DSL Service?

CSG doesn’t try and cram all different kinds of users into a one-plan fits-all mentality.  Every one is different, from the occasional home user all the way to the heaviest of business users. And in the rare case that you might need to talk to technical support about your DSL service – you will be speaking to a local CSG technician who is familiar with your service and equipment– not someone ½ a world away who is trying to look up all their answers in a reference guide somewhere.

Tech Support for your CSG DSL Connection is provided
by the Techs you already  know and trust at CSG.

Waiting for Something Better?
If you’re still using dial up internet access, you already know you’re ready for something better.  But so many of us are already on DSL – and find it slower than we wish it was.  The next generation of technologies like Cable Modems have the ability to deliver speeds far in excess of DSL, but they just aren’t available everywhere quite yet.  If your current contract for DSL is about to expire, and a faster alternative is just not quite available in your area – CSG has help with DSL GAP service. Don’t renew you current DSL contract and tie yourself to old technology for another 2 years!  Switch to CSG DSL GAP Service, and enjoy our High Speed DSL without a service contract until cable becomes available in your area.  When you’re ready, CSG will facilitate disconnection of CSG DSL services, and help integrate your new ISP into your work or home environment.  

DSL Order Process Details

Step 1: 
Call CSG and ask for Technical Support. Tell the friendly knowledgeable technician you’d like to see if you qualify for CSG DSL Services.  
If you like to do things yourself,  you can do a rapid pre-qualification and self-service order by clicking right here.

Step 2:
The CSG Technician will ask you for enough information to pre qualify you for service, including your address and telephone number. You can then discuss the various plans that you qualify for – and the technician can answer any technical questions you may have about the service before you order.  

Step 3: 

If you decide to place your order, the technician will collect enough information from you to begin the order process, including a call back telephone number for CSG’s use in reaching you to confirm your order. Your order will be reviewed and processed within 24 business hours. At this time, you will be contacted by a CSG sales representative to confirm your order, establish your account with CSG, and make arrangements for payment.

If you decide to order online through our web site, the system will allow you to choose from the various packages which your location qualifies for. When you have completed your order, a CSG technician will call to verify your order.

Step 4:

In about 4-6 business days you receive your preconfigured DSL modem, and everything you need to get it plugged in and working.  If you have any troubles with your setup – the Techs at the CSG DSL Technical Support line are available to assist you in basic setup – free of charge!