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Technical Field Services

CSG Regional Technical Field Services - Quality Technical Labor &  Technology Consultation.

  • On - Demand or Regular Periodic Scheduling
  • No Long Term Contract - Ever.
  • Capable of Addressing a Wide Variety of technical challenges.
  • Goal Driven:  What do you need done today?

"Most clients end up considering us as their own staff of technical employees, rather than an outsourced outsider. Ready to provide as little, or as much assistance as needed."

Tom Heslop, CSG Manager of Service Delivery

With CSG Tech Field Services on your team,
You don't have technology problems - CSG Does!

CSG Stays On-Task and Gets the Job Done Right.

Today's business environment demands more and more general use of technology, and more computer use.

While technologies like telephones, email, fax, and networked computers can help us be more productive, more efficient, even more profitable, poorly working, or badly executed technology  will just as quickly waste time, unwisely spend your efforts, and get in the way of the work you really need to be doing.

CSG technicians understand that you depend on your computers and network to get your work done. CSG stays on-the-job and keeps you informed, until the problems get solved.

SCHEDULED SERVICE with CSG "UpDate & UpKeep(SM) Agreements
The Update and Upkeep Agreement (Up & Up Agreement(SM)) provides for advice, service and support of system hardware, software updates, and most other general technical labor. There is no long term commitment - the agreements are monthly.  Cancel any time without penalty.

Virus definition updates, application upgrades, and continuing upkeep of existing hardware all happen on-schedule and at a substantial discount.

Clients protected by a CSG Up & Up Agreement also enjoy priority scheduling for all service requests, and promised response within 24 business hours of service request.

All this, with no long term service contract. Cancel any month without penalty of any kind! Don't let your computer maintenance tasks stack up!
Schedule a CSG field service visit today.

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If your Business or Professional Office is within the area shown by the map, CSG Field Services Are Available!

SAVVY to spare
Whether your computer is a stand-alone or part of a local area network, CSG knows the "lay of the land". Our experienced technicians & field engineers will expertly install your Microsoft Network & Domain observing situationally applicable Microsoft Recommended Best Practices to help assure a healthy, responsive network.

No matter who initially set up your systems, by selecting a CSG Up & Up(SM)  maintenance plan, you will rest assured that your network, computers, telephones, and other business technologies are maintained in peak operating performance.

Regular Service & Emergency  Dispatching

Because everyone knows that regular maintenance tends to prevent surprise emergencies - CSG is dedicated to providing regular maintenance to limit your exposure to situations of technical failure.  Regular periodic service is a very cost effective way to get this diligence done - efficiently , reliably, and regularly- at surprising little cost.

But - diligence-be-damned, technology sometimes has its own ideas about failing anyway;  If that happens, as a regular Update & Upkeep(SM) client, your urgent situation will be automatically escalated to "URGENT RESPONSE" status and a senior technical staff person will be tasked with immediate corrective action. Up & Up(SM) customers get first priority in scheduling on-site services and a promised response within 24 hours.

Before sending out our technician the dispatcher will call and/or email your contact person to set up the appointment and confirm the tasks that are to be accomplished. Your CSG technician works from a written dispatch containing detailed instructions particular to your hardware & software needs so you're sure to get the services you expected.

Your technician arrives prepared to complete the tasks.  A Technical Service Order is provided for you to sign when the work is completed; A copy of the work order accompanies your invoice to assure correct billing.  Your needs may require CSG to be on-site infrequently, or every week, twice monthly or monthly. Update and Upkeep agreements are written to your specifications, around your needs.

CSG Regional Field Services are available in limited areas of Southern California - please see map.                     Purchase Technical Field Services Now