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CSG MailCleaner

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Annual Subscription, per email address.
Includes Web Management Interface for each user.

Mail Cleaner is applied to all addresses within an email domain. You must purchase enough licenses for all mail users.
Electronic Delivery.
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

CSG MailCleaner

“Industrial Strength” Email Cleaner that Works!

SPAM is too cute a name for such a terrible resource hog!

Unsolicited Commercial Email (oftentimes called SPAM) is a terrible fact of life for anyone with an email address.   In fact, in a survey conducted way back in 2003 by McAfee, it was found that 49% of Americans spend more than 40 minutes per week deleting spam, with 14% reporting they spend as much as three and a half hours a week -- or 7.5 days per year on this task.  And mail from untrusted sources can open the door to some pretty terrible virus/malware infestations. 

And honestly—the constant barrage of garbage emails exposing us to get-rich-quick scams, drugs to enhance our “private time”, and every manner of unsavory thing can be more than a little offensive.

And let's not forget—unfiltered emails can expose employees to things like pornography, and other potential HR sensitive topics best avoided in the workplace at all costs.

SPAM isn't the only threat - Viruses and other Malware have been distributed by emails since the internet was young and that trend has certainly continued to today.  Infected email attachments remain one of the most serious dangers faced by our computers/data systems. Mailcleaner stands gaurd against these lurking threats as vigilantly as it does against simple SPAM.

Email and security experts agree—the safest approach is to keep those emails from ever getting into your mailbag!  If they never “get in the door”, they can't hurt us, offend us, or waste our time! The best way to do that is with CSG’s industrial strength MailCleaner.

MailCleaner inspects your email before its delivered to your inbox.  Using as many as OR more than 60 separate tests to analyze each and every message to keep the unsolicited mass-marketing mania, and the serious threat of infected email attachments out of your inbox.  You get a well-deserved respite from the utter chaos of unfiltered email.  The CSG MailCleaner will send you reports of its activities purifying your emails at the frequency you prefer; daily, weekly, or monthly. 

What if your Great Aunt Matilda’s emails mistakenly get blocked?  Not to worry—you have access to the CSG MailCleaner web interface 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There, you have total control over how the system works for you, including the ability to “release” any email that you would prefer to receive.

Setup is easy, and no changes are required by the email users.  A painless, professional way to deal with the hassles, and dangers of SPAM (Unsolicited Emails).

NOTE:  The CSG MailCleaner will apply to all users of your company email system, and cannot be applied to individual email addresses.