Guest Access Internet HotSpot

Guest Access Internet HotSpot

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Guest Access Internet HotSpot

 with Built In Printer

Provide WiFi for your Guests / Waiting Room without exposing your BUSINESS WIRELESS NETWORK!

People have come to expect  the convenience of WiFi access wherever they might find themselves idle and waiting. Show you care by providing immediate, safe WiFi access in your waiting room or lounge!

The CSG WiFi Guest Access Gateway  uses your existing internet connection, and allows you to safely share it with those awaiting your services, or visiting your lounge. Pressing one of the three buttons activates service for one of three different durations.  Then, simply tear-off the simple instruction/receipt from the built in printer, and hand it to your guest.  The printout also provides a quick-connect QR code, allowing your users to simply scan the code, and get connected.
With IP Plug and Play technology so there’s no need for end-users to change any settings in their devices. It’s fast, easy and trouble free to access Internet. Support up to 50 simultaneous devices. (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Tablets, Virtually any WiFi enabled device is supported.)
Your Private Business network and wireless network remains Safe, secure, untouched, and PRIVATE.

Easy to install in almost any environment, the device connects to your exisiting internet connection - safely sharing with your guests.  Upon first install, a setup wizzard must be run that allows various choices to be made about how services will be offered to your guests (Fee Based or Free Access, Duration of access, and etc.) The device can also be customized with a few nice touches such as links to your company website - and even the ability to allow connection to certain web sites without having to even have to get the printout.

ConfigAssist  - Optional Configuration Assistance                                                                                                                                                               $49.00

Your CSG technician will work with your company representitive to connect to the device and pefrom cosmetic and minor functional configurations for the Guest Access device to customize and enhance the end user experience.  ConFig Assist does not include configurations related to for-pay service via the Guest Access device.
(Maximum time: 90 Minutes)