Monitored / Managed AnitVirus-AntiMalware

Monitored / Managed AnitVirus-AntiMalware

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1 Year Subscription.
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Content Filtering: Including Content FIlter

CSG Monitored and Managed Antivirus / Malware Protection - 12 Months Subscription                                                                              $29

Antivirus / Anti Malware

A full paid 12 month subscription to Avast Business CloudCare Remotely Monitored Business Class Antivirus/Antimalware protection.

The precious data you save to your computer will be protected 24/7 from harm by one of the best known names in antivirus & malware protection — AVG.   But because no antivirus protection can be 100% successful all of the time, the status of your protected machines is Monitored Daily by CSG technicians.  

Our technicians verify the safety status daily to assure best results. If a computer being protected is attacked, or compromised, it will get noticed! CSG tech support will proactively reach out and make you aware of the problem so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible—because responding quickly to malware can help avoid loss of business data. 

Web Content Filtering - IncludedBusinesses, professionals, or even families with children have plenty of reasons to want to curtail access to certain content on the internet.  The obvious candidates for filtering of pornography and violence are just the tip of the iceburg when you consider the depth and variety of content available on the world wide web.

How much time do your eompliyees spend on Ebay every day? Or working on their Facebook pages?  Or managing their kids Scout activities? The list of things that on-the-job people simply don't need access to is staggering - as is the amount of wasted time that goes with it.

CSG can apply standard filters designed to eliminate HR situations before they happen, keep your people focused on their jobs, and even keep your family safe, or we can customized a set of content filters to your exact needs.

Do You Prefer a More Active Role In Virus Malware Protection?  Self-Managed Protection Option Available

The Web Based user interface can be easily made available to members of your organization who may share the management tasks with CSG.  Your own personnel may be involved in the creation and application of Content FIltering, as well as be the first responders to any warnging or alerts issued by the antivirus / antimalware systems.  You may have as much or as little involvment as you wish - it's all part of the excellent service.

Do you prefer total control over your Antivirus / Antimalware solution?  No problem there - the entire task of managing the AV software can be left to your own organization, using the web based user interface.  CSG personnel need not have any exposure or involvement in any way - and all the tools are in your own hands.  An excellent choice for environments where local technical help is readily available when needed.