Small Business Server Essentials Package

Small Business Server Essentials Package

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1 Year Hardware Warranty

The CSG “Small Business Essentials Package”

Complete Professional Business Network Solution in a Single Box!

Every Business or Professional eventually reaches a point where it's utterly obvious that shared files, effective collaboration tools, and central storage have become a requirment of business operations.  But the idea of having to maintain an IT department to keep those supposedly finicky servers and services running merrily along is enough to make anyone think twice about living without a real business network.  

What do you need to do at work today?
In the real word of day to day work, businesses everywhere face many of the same challenges with technology, and share many needs:

  • Shared Files - To facilitate collaboration, encourage document version control, 
  • Central Storage - to encourage a consistent group storage strategy for your important business documents and data files.
  • Easy Resource Sharing and Management - Printers, Projectors,and other network connected devices
  • Company-wide Antivirus / Malware Threat Prevention and Eradication
  • Safe & Sane Company Wide Internet Access
  • Email SPAM / UCE - Viruses, Malware, ID Theft and email threats and nuisances

It looks like a big list - bust just about everything on it is addressed head-on and dealt with in a no-nonsense way that will leave you saying "Why didn't we do this a long time ago?"

Big on performance, small on size, the CSG Small Business Essentials Package is the right-sized solution for any organization from 3-25 people and up to 50 connected devices. The server hardware is really small - and so are its power requirements at 150 watts or less typical; yet depending on which configuration you order, you'll have a total of as much as a gigantic 5 terabytes of fault tolerant RAID Mirror storage that will keep your data safe, and your business concerns running even in the event of a storage drive failure.  

The CSG Small Business Essentials Package is based on HP Proliant Microserver hardware, this solid server hardware platform takes only (WxDxH) 21 cm x 26 cm x26.7 cm of space - physically small enough to fit in just about anywhere.

A great balance of performance size and cost, the HP Microserver is a perfect platform  to support the great features and abilities of the Microsoft Windows Server Essentials Operating System that's included with the package.

One of the arguments against stepping up into a true business class network server has always been the cost of its maintenece, and the feeling that there really should be a specialist running around in a white lab coat to keep it running. Well ladies and gents, this is not your grandfather's network server!

Microsoft has been creating specialized versions of Windows, and Windows Servers for a very long time, and they are very good at it. But Windows Server Essentials 2012 changes the game forever by delivering a full Server Class, Domain capable operating systems designed to NOT TO REQUIRE a white lab-coated specialist to keep everything running smoothly.  Instead, the users can expect a straightforward, intuitive experience while they adopt easier, better work habits for sharing and colaboration.  Rights and permissions to shared resources are straightforward, and managed by the users without the need for constant interventions by a network specialist. And if you're into The Cloud, rest assured that direct connections to the Microsoft Cloud service is built right into Server Essentials 2012 R2.

All models include 250 GB RAID Mirrored storage for the Operating System to assure saftey and viability of the Essentials Server.  To that we add a second RAIDED volume just for your data use.  You choose to have your device prepared with 1, 2, or a gigantic 3 terabytes of data storage - depending on your needs.

The Small Business Essentials Package Includes:

1.  Manafactured to Spec File Server / Host Computer

Asus Server Mainboard  P10S-M
Onboard Video Chipset:  Aspeed AST2400 with 32MB VRAM
Onboard LAN:  Dual Intel I210 Server Class GbE delivering high bandwidth
Expansion card slots:
2 Slots : PCI-E x8 (Gen3 x4 Link)
1 Slots : PCI-E x16 (Gen3 x8 Link)
1 Slots : PCI-E x8 (Gen3 x8 Link)
Drive Support:  
SATA Intel C232  Intel Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise(RSTe) Linux/Windows
6 x SATA3 6Gb/s ports   (Support Software RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 )

1 Year Standard Manufacturer Warranty.

CPU & Ram

Xeon E3-1220 v6 CPU 3.0Ghz  4-core  8 threads
ECC DDR 2400 16GB

Xeon E3-1225 v6 CPU 3.3Ghz  4-core  8 threads                      for $20 more upgrade to 10% faster
Xeon E3-1230 v6 CPU 3.5Ghz  4-core  8 threads                      for $60 more upgrade to 16% faster

2. Microsoft Windows Server Essentials 2016 - Fully Licensed & Legal with COA!                                                                   Download Microsoft Datasheet

Windows Server 2016 Essentials, the latest version of Windows Small Business Server Essentials, offers a flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use server solution for small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 devices. An ideal first server, Windows Server 2016 Essentials can also be used as the primary server in a multi-server environment as your business grows.
Small businesses can take advantage of Windows Server 2016 Essentials to more easily protect, centralize, organize, and access their applications and information from almost anywhere using virtually any device. In addition, small businesses can control access to applications more easily, reducing the risk of data being stored or potentially lost on unprotected devices.  And so much more! Look at a few of the included features — that others charge extra for!  

Server Backup and Restore System - Built In

Configured with a simple wizard, server backups help protect all data and applications stored on the server. Redundant copies can make the difference between data safety and total disaster!

Client Computer Backup and Restore System - Built In for up to 25 User

Configured to run daily on each PC that's connected to the Essentials environment, client computer backup stores your backup data centrally on the server. This type of automatic protection enables you to restore individual files and folders, or an entire PC, as you would do when replacing a faulty hard drive or upgrading from an older hard disk drive. No user interaction is required—backups just happen—unobtrusively while users continue to work.

Secure Remote Access Portal - Built In!

Windows Server 2016 Essentials helps you remotely access your files and folders, connect to PCs in your office to run line-of-business and other applications, and perform administrative tasks.

Remote Web Access (RWA)

RWA enables end users to work remotely from virtually anywhere using almost any device. A website for RWA delivers a highly secure way for users and administrators to use their web browser to access files and folders, client computers, and the servers running in your environment.

MyServer App for Windows 8/10 and Windows RT

My Server app provides a modern and touch-friendly way for end users to access files and folders, as well as perform light administration tasks. The app runs on Windows and Windows RT desktops, laptops, and tablet devices.

MyServer App for Windows Phone

My Server app also adds powerful mobile options for accessing your files and folders and performing light administration tasks. Providing a similar experience to the My Server app for Windows, this version runs on Windows Phone device..

3. CSG Monitored and Managed Antivirus / Malware Protection - 12 Months Free Subscription (Server)

Your CSG Small Business Essentials Package is protected by a full paid 6 month subscription for Avast Business CloudCare Remotely Monitored Business Class AntiVirus/AntiMalware protection.

The precious data you save to your server will be protected 24/7 from harm by one of the best known names in antivirus & malware protection — Avast.   But because no antivirus protection can be 100% successful all of the time, the status of your protected machines is Monitored Daily by CSG technicians.  

Our technicians verify the safety status daily to assure best results. If the computer being protected is attacked, or compromised, it will get noticed! CSG tech support will proactively reach out and make you aware of the problem so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible—because responding quickly to malware can help avoid loss of business data. 

Now some Good News!  You can have this same remotely managed and monitored AntiVirus / AntiMalware solution protecting your entire business network with CSG’s  “Antivirus for ALL” Upgrade.

Antivirus for All!  (Option Fee Based Upgrade)

With CSG “Antivirus for All”, once each computer has installed the Antivirus program, its Virus/Malware threat level will be assessed each day by CSG.  If any unhandled Virus or Malware issues have been detected, CSG technical support will proactively notify you, and provide limited telephone assistance to resolve the issues.  All that protection for only $45.00/Year per computer.

4. Internet Access Control - Gain Control Over Company Internet Use Once and For All!

While technology has continued marching forward, sometimes our control over that technology HAS NOT kept pace.

Today, many jobs benefit from (or even REQUIRE) access to the internet. From Special Web Sites to Mission Critical applications that communicate across the internet, business needs drive our use of the internet. And so, we are “connected”.  But it doesn't take long to realize that business is NOT the only thing that workers use the internet for. 

A paper published by Dr. Kimberly S. Young & Dr. Carl J. Case, Associate Professors of Management Sciences, at St. Bonaventure University exposes some terrible statistics concerning the effect of unrestricted Internet access in a work environment. Among other statics, the paper cites a survey of 1439 workers by, an online analyst firm, showing that 37% of employees admitted to surfing constantly at work, 32% surfed a few times a day, and 21% surfed a few times a week (Adschiew, 2000), and another study which shows that  accessing pornography (42%), online chatting (13%), gaming (12%), sports (8%), investing (7%), and shopping at work (7%) were the leading causes requiring disciplinary action or termination.

Fortunately this situation and its risks can be successfully managed;  the CSG “Small Business Essentials Package”  
includes what you need to get started. It’s called an Internet Proxy, and we include a free 3 user license* to one of the best Proxys available, Wingate by Qbik.  If your office has three or fewer internet users, its everything you need! (Do you have more than 3 users that need simultaneous internet access?  No worries - extra licenses are available to accomodate any number of users.)

​How it Works

The Proxy runs on the CSG Essentials Small Business Server hardware, positioned between your end users, and the internet (see the diagram).  Attempts to access the internet are reviewed by the Proxy  - and allowed or denied based on simple, powerful rules that allow you to decide exactly what web sites, and other resources your users have access to. 

Flexible, easy to use, and requiring no regular maintenance, the CSG Small Business Essentials Package proxy functions as your personal guard against time wasting, potentially illegal online activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The configuration and initial set up of the Internet Access Control Proxy is not provided by Collective Solutions Group, and will require some network background to complete successfully. Certain protection strategies may require slight modifications to your private network for maximum effectiveness, or access to all the features available in the systems.
Additional proxy licenses are available from the software publisher at additional expense.

ConfigAssist - Initial Setup and Configuration Consultation & Labor - 2 Hours                           Highly Recommended                                       $199.00 

The CSG Business Essentials Package will arrive preinstalled and tested with default configurations, and no customizations.  

During initial install to your environment, various choices will be required to configure support for various system capabilities. While Microsoft has worked hard to provide an environment that doesn't require any special knowledge from the users, the initial setup and configuration requirements may present situations and require choices are unclear, or technically challenging for less technical users.  

A special consultation rate package is available for the 
The CSG Business Essentials Package that provides you with CSG telephone technical support which covers the following initial setup tasks:
  • System Deployment Consultation5
  • Server Identity Configuration. 
  • Initial WorkGroup Configuration / Intial Domain Configuration5. Includes domain name, and security certificate installation.1, 2
  • Initial User Configuration (Up to 10 Users)4
  • Initial User Rights configuration for default shares
  • Client Computer Connections to the Business Essentials system. (Windows 7, 8, 10, & Mac clients) (Up to 10 devices)
  • Initial Server Disaster Recovery Backup to local storage and schedule creation
  • Initial Basic assistance to provide inbound access from outside via your existing router/gateway via port-forwarding.(Best Effort) 3
  • Basic assistance to provide network address reservation to the Business Essentials server. (Best Effort) 3

During the consultation and work period, CSG will require the availability of a person in your organization to work with the CSG technician and provide guidance and information as needed during the configuration process.  This individual will be called upon for information about organizational workflows, storage and access needs, teams that share data, and general information regarding user and organizational preferences for optional configuration items.

1) A security certificate must be assigned to you server in order to take advantage of Remote Web Access, and most other remote features of the system.  Certificates are issued annually, and must be renewed with the Certificate Authority. CSG will install your preexisting certificate if you select the optional Initial Setup and Configuration Consultation & Labor package upgrade.

2)There is a $25.00 service fee if you wish CSG to facilitate and manage the issuance of a new security certificate for use on the Business Essentials system.

 3) Inbound access (RWA, etc.), and the use of the Proxy functions require configuration support in your local network edge router/gateway device in the form of port forwarding. CSG will require the access credentials for, and the ability to connect remotely to your edge router device in order to attempt these changes.  If you cannot provide access and credentials, it will be impossible to establish inbound access, and that objective will be left incomplete.

 4) Inbound access (RWA, etc.), and the use of the Proxy functions require configuration support in your local network edge router/gateway device in the form of fixed/reserved network addressing. CSG will require the access credentials for, and the ability to connect remotely to your edge router device, or other network address authority (DHCP server) in order to attempt these changes.  If you cannot provide access and credentials, inbound access, and proxy functions, may be unavailable, or compromised in the future, and that objective will be left incomplete.
5) Not all of the options available in the CSG Business Essentials Package will be desirableto all users, or in all situations. Server naming, user ID standards, and other choices are highly subjective, and are rightly To Be Determined by you, the client. The choice of deploying the system in Workgroup, or Domain computing mode will have many ramifications and should be undertaken with  a sound understanding and the advice of your CSG technician. If Internet Access Control / Proxy functions are to be enabled, deployment options which relate to the Proxy's overall security level and resiliency against tampering.  The consultation period is used to discuss the options, and arrive at a decision which is best for your environment, so that the CSG technician may proceed with the goals of the installation, as defined during consultation.